Saturday, July 31, 2010

Give me a head with hair...

These are some of my favorite pictures of G. He was only about four months old when these were taken. He always looked so much older because of all that hair!! I was constantly being told that he was too "pretty" to be a boy. I didn't want to cut his hair so young, but I didn't want him to get a complex either!! I waited until he was six months...LOL!

Kit~ May Meadows by JennCK Designs


Thursday, July 29, 2010


So I said I got all my pictures on CD so I didn't have to scrap just Disney pictures...well that lasted only a few weeks. I found this site... and have be totally inspired by everything there. I've found new designers that have specialized Disney kits perfect for those Disney pictures!! It makes me want to go back to WDW NOW!! Here's one I'm talking about. There are two different kits used on this page, both with the Monters Inc. theme!! Perfect!!

Kits: Monstrosity by Britt-ish Desings
Monster in My Closet by LaurieScraps