Thursday, August 30, 2007

College Football!!

The first game of the season is this weekend!! Of course I have to work!! Bummer!! Living in central Ohio you can't help but be sucked into Buckeye fever!! I never got nervous watching high school football, but OSU is different. I literally get butterflies every week. It's crazy!! I didn't even attend Ohio State.

The saying goes...Once a Buckeye...always a Buckeye!! So is true for my Uncle living in North Carolina. His children have never lived in Ohio, but are TRUE BUCKEYES!! This was a frame that I made for Chandler' new room. LZ did a great toot for us a year or so ago. The Buckeye and block O in the corner is a recycled Christmas ornament that my mom made. Buckeye items, around here, fly off the shelves. I have several more frames in the work for an upcoming craft show! Hope you all enjoy!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Back from the Land of the Missing!!

Between work, end of summer, and start of school, things have been a little hectic. Not to mention sneaking in a little respite vacation. I had the fantastic opportunity to spend a weekend with some of the most fabulous friends anyone could ask for. Pine put together the most awesome retreat!! I have never laughed so hard. There were many late nights spent with achy sides from laughing so hard. Classes, tutorials, AWESOME food, relaxation, friendship, laughter, crying, and FUN!!! What more does a girl need?!? Thank you to all that made this retreat special!! Oh and did I mention...Copics?!?