Thursday, August 30, 2007

College Football!!

The first game of the season is this weekend!! Of course I have to work!! Bummer!! Living in central Ohio you can't help but be sucked into Buckeye fever!! I never got nervous watching high school football, but OSU is different. I literally get butterflies every week. It's crazy!! I didn't even attend Ohio State.

The saying goes...Once a Buckeye...always a Buckeye!! So is true for my Uncle living in North Carolina. His children have never lived in Ohio, but are TRUE BUCKEYES!! This was a frame that I made for Chandler' new room. LZ did a great toot for us a year or so ago. The Buckeye and block O in the corner is a recycled Christmas ornament that my mom made. Buckeye items, around here, fly off the shelves. I have several more frames in the work for an upcoming craft show! Hope you all enjoy!

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Tex said...

Go Cowboys!!!!

heh heh heh heh