Monday, March 17, 2008

Blizzard 2008

Ok I don't know if it can official be coined a "blizzard". We didn't have the required wind speed or decreased visibility for the proper amount of time, but in all sense of the was a blizzard!! No fun driving home from work during the first round, that's for sure.

Here is looking out my garage door. This is after/during the first round. If you add another 10 inches to this, you will have our total.

This is as far as my car would make it into the driveway. My neighbors were kind enough to help me dig out so I could get it in the garage. The last thing I wanted to do was shovel after working a 12 hour night shift!!

After it was all said and done...we had a fantastic time playing!!! Here are the girls...and dad enjoying a fun trip down the cart path hill!! Not a very steep hill, but it work great for the girls first time sledding!!

Dennis giving out free sled rides!!

Before any of you ask...Gavin was down the street playing with friends. He would have much rather had snowball fights with them, then to sled with his "little" sisters.


PJBstamper said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures!

Savor the Journey * TexasGrammy said...

Oh how fun was this?!? We did have enough snow here recently for sledding ... but it's "flat" where I am! hahaha