Sunday, April 1, 2007

She's Home!!

Here's the phone conversation that took place on Wednesday night...Jillian~ "Mom, I look different!" Me~ "You do? What did you do?" Jillian~ "You have to wait until I get home!!"

Well knowing full well what she had done I couldn't picture it in my mind. When Den and I went to Jamaica for our honey moon, I had my hair braided. I knew how long it took to get done, and could not *imagine* Jillian sitting there that long. Now mine were the type of braids that are like little french braids. Jillian looks like...for lack of a better word...

MEDUSA!! My mom said she did well for about 10 minutes, but then got upset. She started fussing and then out of now where 3 more girls showed up. Her entire head was done in 15 minutes!!
ETA...3 hours and 44 braids later...She is back to her self!! Had to be done in about 10 shifts but they are all out. I now need to take her to the salon for a trim and DEEP DEEP condition!! Her ends are HORRIBLE!! (but her kinky curly hair is kinda cute!!)


PJBstamper said...

That's to funny! I'm not sure I'd even let Maggie get hers done for fear of the effect she'd have on the braider. When Maggie's excited, she bounces around - literally. She's old enough now to do her own two braids so I'm no longer responsible for her lopsided hairdos!

chelemom said...

What a giggle I had reading this! And a cute picture to boot! I am glad to see a fellow scrapbooker. I make cards, but scrapbooking is my first love!

ronee said...

She looks adorable! I can't even think of my girls sitting for something like that..EVEN my 11 year old! TOO TOO cute. I am glad everyone is back in your arms safely!