Monday, June 4, 2007

The Queen of CASEing!!!

I admit, I don't think I have ever had an orignal idea. As I sit here and look at the cards I've completed in the past several weeks, I think to my self, "Someday, you will be worthy!!" Every single one of them is CASEd!!! Valerie, Mish, Debbie, Beate, you name it, it's there!!!

Now I know CASEing is acceptable, but my downfall comes from the fact that I hardly change anything!! I can't think like that. I see something, a color combo, a stamp set, a layout, etc. I try to copy it exactly. Now sometimes I'll be bold and change the color of pattern paper I am using, but not usually!!

If you are an insane blog reader like I am, then you will notice that these cards are CASEd from non other that Val from Cal!!! I loved the concept of doing the same "design" and "theme" for each card. Valerie mentioned that she used a strip of Old Olive cardstock on each of her cards. Guess what the first thing I grabbed was...Old Olive. Now I could have picked any number of colors, but didn't (read said line brain doesn't work like that!!) I have a feeling I will be using this layout again in the near future!!!

****A note on CASEing...We all do it...even if we try not to, but one thing to remember...Give credit where credit is due!!! Val I love ya!!****


Rose Ann said...

Jennifer...your cards are fab! I can totally relate to what you are saying about CASEing!

Stefanie Staniak said...

And you are one terrific caser (wink, wink) !! Great job on all of these and yes, I love Val's layouts too !