Thursday, October 23, 2008

Another BIG GAME!!

Yes I'm talking Buckeyes again!! There's a big game this weekend with Penn State. While I appreciate JoePa's vivaciousness at the age of 80 something...He doesn't need another Big Ten Championship, or National Title!! HA!

At my retreat this past August, Pine taught us how to solder. I had already purchased all the need supplies from Ellen, but had never used them...or tried once, and that project LOOK HORRIBLE!! Well I tried again after my lessons, and I have to say...I AM GETTING BETTER!!! I found this OSU paper at my LSS. This is the only design on this paper so image my surprise when I found that it fit the 1" square punch!!! There must be over 200 of these images on this sheet of 12x12!! I tore apart a Buckeye bracelet for the bead at the bottom. I suppose I could have made more, but that would have taken too long!! I love the way they turned out!!



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Keri Lee Sereika said...

Ok now Otter that is AWESOME!!! The little buckeye at the bottom rocks!