Friday, February 8, 2008

62 Hearts!!!

Sixty-two 3x6" pieces of cardstock, sixty-two pieces of patterned paper, sixty-two punched hearts, and sixty-two tied bows!! That's what it took to get the kids school valentines finished!! Kristina Werner showed these cute little valentines on her blog. She stamped hearts and cut them out...I opted for even easier...punched hearts!! I hadn't done 3x3 cards prior to seeing her post. I love them!! So quick and easy!! I hope you enjoy!


Stephanie Earls said...

wow, Great mom! You are tagged by the way. I love your blog!

Kar said...

dang Otter that is a lot of cards!!

Debbie Olson said...

62? Wow! I'd never get that many made! These are just darling, and you get the Cool Mom award!